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Are you up to our June challenge?

June Focus

Are you drinking enough water?

Increasing your water intake could help you lose weight and boost your energy levels. It is also essential for maintaining health and youthful looking skin.

We can often confuse hunger as a sign of dehydration, so get drinking first!

June challenge

Calculate the volume of water you need to drink using this simple calculation and try and stick to it.

Calculate your body weight in pounds

Divide it by two

This is the number of fluid ounces you require

To convert to ml times it by 28.5

e.g. If you weigh 10 stone = 140 lbs

140/2 = 70 fl oz

70 X 28.5 = 1.995ml so about 2 litres a day… easy..


Try and drink most of your water before midday so you are not going to the loo all night.

For further help and information talk to one of our team