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Camping Tips

Camping is a great outdoor activity in the summer months. However, going camping for several days can increase back and neck pain due to the unusual living conditions. To ensure you can still enjoy the outdoors to its full capacity, here are a few tips on how to protect your back and neck whilst camping.

Before setting off, pack several small bags to spread the weight of the load. Make sure to take regular breaks when travelling to the site and stretch before pitching your tent, remember to take your time to avoid tension building up. Remember to always bend your knees and hips to provide extra support. When you arrive to the camping site, try to park your car as close as possible to avoid unnecessary carrying.

Plan your activities in advance and familiarise yourself with the camping site before packing as this will help avoid adding extra weight. Make sure you’ve got a good stable chair and that your table is normal height, as this will allow you to avoid slouching over your plate. Furthermore, try to ensure your stove is at a reasonable height.

To protect your back, ensure it is fully supported by sleeping on a quality approved camping mat or mattress. These can be tested out before purchasing, as many stores have samples available, its best to opt for a thick mattress to provide as much support as possible. Once your tent is set up, prepare your sleeping area by removing any stones and kernals which may dig into your spine.  Try to sleep on your back or side and remember to stay hydrated with plenty of water before going to bed. Additionally, pack a pillow that supports your neck to ensure you don’t wake up with any neck pain.

To learn more about factors affecting the health of you and your family, book an appointment to have a complete musculo-skeletal check before departing to ensure that you are pain-free and mobile for your holiday.