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New Exercise Regime Preparation

Don’t launch yourself into a new exercise regime without taking the necessary precautions to prevent back and neck pain…

While more exercise can in fact improve bone mass density and prevent osteoporosis, throwing yourself into a full-on physical programme after a lull in activity could put your back and neck at risk. Try introducing your body to exercise in a safe way by following these easy tips:


  • Before you begin any exercise programme, check that there are no medical reasons why you cannot carry out the activity, particularly if you are not used to the type of exercise
  • Make sure you wear the right clothing while carrying out your chosen activity. Wearing clothes that are too tight could constrict your movement and lead to injury; appropriate footwear is a must for any type of exercise
  • Make sure you warm up before exercises; don’t go straight in and start with lighter movements like walking or jogging to lessen the chance of muscle strain


Ensure that you are using equipment properly to prevent injuries.


  • make sure legs are at least hips width apart
  • lift with bent knees
  • never keep knees straight, as this could lead to over-stretching and cause damage to your back
  • work with weights closer to your body to help avoid injury


  • make sure the seat is positioned correctly for your height
  • avoid stooping or reaching when using equipment or you could over-stretch your back


Stretches and exercises designed to strengthen your back will help prevent injuries later on. Try sequences of precise, slow stretches, which will help build up your strength.