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Our stand on GDPR 25th May 2018

General Data Protection Regulations: As from 25th May 2018 we have to be accountable for the data that we hold about you.

What does this mean for you?

Firstly during your next visit we will ask you to check the personal data that we have about you on your file and ask you if we can use your data for a number of reasons in relation to your care at the clinic – these will include using your phone number to call you or your email address to contact you, sending you text reminders to remind you about your appointments, storing you address details and that of your next of kin for emergency use, contacting your GP to help with your care, sending you these lovely newsletters by email every month and sending you a mail drop if we think you might be interested in something we are promoting.

You will be able to opt out of some of the above uses without it affecting your care at the clinic.

Look out in next month’s newsletter for more information.