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Acupuncture …Did you know?

At the time of writing this there were 54 sleeps till Christmas! I know, where has the year gone? Which caused you most dread? Sleep? Or Christmas? The thought of going to bed is not something you look forward to if you can’t sleep.  The inability to sleep can come from a variety of causes; pain, feeling hot, over thinking, anxiety, having to go to the loo multiple times.  What have you tried to fix it? Milky drinks, chamomile tea, alcohol, reading, no screen time before bed? Perhaps lack of sleep isn’t the problem, maybe you struggle to get through the day without a nap and long to return to bed.

Have you tried acupuncture or Chinese herbal medicine? Both have been used for thousands of years to bring the body back in to balance.  It is used by many to aid a good night’s sleep and stress relief. Practitioners look for and treat the root of the problem and not just treat the symptoms.

Acupuncture can be a very relaxing treatment and some people even manage 40 winks whilst they have their needles in.  So, if the thought of the festive period is causing you sleepless nights, or life at the moment is making you feel shattered. Chinese medicine can get you through this, with an enhanced feeling of well-being and calm.

Did you think acupuncture was just for pain? Anne and Sarah welcome any questions you have about acupuncture or herbal medicine and how they might help your individual concerns.  They are in clinic on a Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, but you can reach them through.