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January Challenge


Sure, there are plenty of things you don’t want the whole office knowing when you have been to the Doctor! But unfortunately everyone* in your family or in the office has either had, got, or will get an episode of a bad back or neck (or even both!). So this months challenge is to get talking about it with someone at home and on or two colleagues at work.

By following a few of the tips outlined below you will actually be reinforcing your understanding of your problem, cementing in place the ideal changes that your Chiropractor has shown you (so you will be more likely to remember them), and finally you’ll be getting a few more people ‘on your team’ for helping you to get better. For example, after your first visit your Chiropractor will explain what your problem is, how you’ve done it and what to do about it – that’s actually a LOT of information and the sooner you tell someone, the more of it you’ll remember. When your Chiropractor shows you some tips for at work – ie stretches or how to set up your computer – tell someone else at work. Not only will you be helping them out, but just give it a few days or a week and they’ll be asking you how you’re doing and give you a little ‘reminder’ about which stretches to do!

So in Summary
1) Tell someone you’ve been here and found out what your problem is, how you’ve done it and why it happened in the first place
2) Show someone else your set of stretches advised from your Chiropractor
3) Wait for your ‘team’ to check up on you and help keep you on the road to recovery!

*the stats say it’s actually 80%, but I’ve never met anyone in the 20%!