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World Spine Day

There’s no better time to start strengthening your spine and improve your posture than now!

October 16th is World Spine Day and what better way to celebrate than with some helpful information on how to keep the spine healthy.


Throughout life the spine is required to withstand considerable weight bearing stress, purely as a result of the pressures of daily living. As we age, the discs lose fluid, become tougher, and less able to respond to weight bearing loads. This puts greater stress on the vertebrae and joints, which in turn form new bone around their edges to create a larger area to withstand weight.

The good news is that attention to a healthy lifestyle from an early age can help reduce the effects of ‘wear and tear’ on the spine. Follow these simple steps to reduce the effects of ageing and for proper care of the spine:

Don’t smoke; it affects the nutrition of the discs

Avoid excessive alcohol intake; it causes weakened bone because of an interrupted blood supply, and even fractures

Take moderate exercise on a regular basis; it is essential to overall health as well as good spinal health

Make sure your diet is rich in vitamins and minerals (particularly calcium) from fresh, wholesome foods