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Boost Your Immune System with Chiropractic Care (Covid-19 Edition)

We often talk about the immune system and how strong or weak it is; but what is it? Our body relies on our immune system to defend us from viruses, bacteria and anything that it considers to be a pathogen. Developing a strong immune system is vital not only to maintain good health but also to support our body in functioning to its full potential.

Our lifestyle plays a huge role in whether or not we stay healthy. It can be hard to assimilate the right nutrients to boost our immune system only through a healthy diet. One way to maintain our immune system is to introduce food supplements like vitamin C, D and B, key nutrients into our diets. The two most proven supplements that aid the immune system are vitamin D, which comes from the sun and with increased time spent indoors is now more important to help supplement. The other is the mineral zinc which plays an important role in making the cells within the immune system.

Our immune system is made up of proteins, tissues, organs and cells (white blood cells) and all of these work together to keep us healthy. Its main role is to protect and fight against harmful organisms, pathogens, and neutralise them whenever they come into contact with them.

Another great way to help support the immune system is gentle low-grade exercise. Research has shown that exercise improves defence activity and improves metabolic health. However, in intense training periods athletes had an increased illness risk. Therefor exercising within your limits will be the best for your immune system.

And it’s important to note that sleep is important for your health. Getting the right amount of sleep helps your body heal and produce enough cells to keep your immune system strong and healthy. 

While much of chiropractic treatment focuses on muscle, joint and bone pain, chiropractic adjustments can aid the overall health.

One of the main causes of immune system problems comes from the compression of nerve pathways. Musculo-skeletal adjustment can improve our overall health by keeping us mobile and reducing the risk of getting chronic diseases.

Contact your chiropractor if you have muscle or joint pain, or if your mobility feels restricted.