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February Challenge – Are your calves too tight?

The body is fantastic at compensating for problems and you must have heard your Chiropractor tell you that the problem is somewhere different to where your pain is! And tightness in your calves can contribute to lower back problems!

Test your calf tightness:

(You will need yourself, your feet, a ruler, and a wall)

  1. Find a wall and place a ruler on the floor, measuring 10cm away from the wall
  2. On the leg being tested put your big toe on the 10cm mark facing the wall
  3. Keeping your heel on the ground (!) try to touch your knee to the wall
  4. Repeat on the other leg

How did you do?

If you failed the test you can simply start stretching out those calves, or ask you Chiropractor (this test will also pick up on ankle joint problems)

Happy stretching!