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Take a Stand on Back Pain

Could standing work desks be the answer to unwanted back pain?

Recent workplace trends show that many employers are now opting for standing work areas, rather than the more conventional seated desks, in a bid to prevent their workers suffering from back pain and to help increase their productivity in the office.

But are these innovative standing workspaces really the way forward to a healthy back, free from pain and discomfort?  Here are three things to bear in mind if your work place decides that standing, rather than sitting, is best way forward:

  1. Standing tall

Sitting and bending forward (as you tend to do in an office seat) can put twice as much load on your spine as standing does so standing desks could well be a better option for the office.

  1. Take a break

While standing, however, it is important to remember that you should still take regular breaks as you would when sitting at a desk. Being stuck in one position, even if it is in a ‘good posture’, is not advisable.

  1. The best of both

A desk set up that allows you to stand as well as sit is the most ideal situation, as this gives you the option to change position regularly. The more adjustable your desk set-up is, the more likely you are to find a position that suits you.