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Take Steps Towards a Better Posture

A 3-minute programme designed to improve your, and your loved ones’, postures

Chiropractors are often asked: what does the ‘ideal posture’ look like? According to The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) there is no such thing as a ‘perfect posture’. The reality is that everyone is different and each person will assume a posture that feels comfortable for him or her to sit, stand and sleep. The general advice given to preoccupied parents or stressed adults is the same: stretch, exercise, vary the type of postures throughout the day, and avoid sitting for too long in one position.

The BCA formulated an at home, three-minute posture care programme called ‘Straighten Up UK’ which is designed to improve kids and adults’ posture and spinal health.

The programme is divided in three simple stages, with each stage proposing three exercises. The basic rules are simple: always stand tall, think positively, breathe calmly and move smoothly. Here are three posture exercises from the programme that will help you and your loved ones feel and look great.

Step One: Stand Tall and Be A Star

  • Straighten up your posture, maintaining shoulders, hips and knees in a straight line;
  • Become a star by spreading arms and legs;
  • Facing forward, place one hand in the air, breathe and slowly stretch one arm overhead while bending the spine to the opposite side;
  • Repeat twice for each arm.

Step Two: Roll and Relax

  • Standing tall let the head hang forward and gently move from one side to the other;
  • Massage the base of the neck with your fingers while rotating the head for 15 seconds on each side;
  • Finally relax the shoulders by moving them back and forward.

Final Step: Core Balance and Letting Loose

  • Standing tall take a step forward lending in a lunge position;
  • Balance this position for 20 seconds and then repeat on the opposite side;
  • Finally shake it all off, by letting your limbs loose.

These exercises are designed for healthy kids and adults. If you experience persistent pain or any discomfort in the spine, consult your chiropractor.