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Pilates is one of the best exercises you can do for your spine. It is low impact, gentle on your joints and is a great choice whether you are trying to prevent injury or recovering from one.

Pilates is a full body experience that provides a challenging workout while also strengthening the spine and trains the muscles in your body to work in unison. 

Pilates focuses on supporting the structure of your body, which is centered on your spine. It focuses on working from your core outwards.  Each exercise starts from the muscles that support and surround your spine. When your spine is supported, your whole body functions better. You become more balanced and have more freedom to move.

Pilates lowers stress and increases energy levels. The focus on breath with movement encourages fresh oxygen intake and the release of toxins into your lymphatic system to be dispensed. 

Feeding more oxygen into the body helps decrease stress levels and leaves you feeling energised and ready to go.  Pilates has also been linked to a reduction in stress and better sleep.”

Pilates is for everyone, regardless of age, shape, size, fitness, or ability level; it provides benefits for all.

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