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Appointments for acute care available now:

Alex and Lucy will be taking the leap of faith on Friday 1st May and opening the clinic doors to support patients in acute pain. All being well there will be a further two sessions offered Monday 4th, and Thursday 7th May from 8am to 5 pm. They will be doing half a day each while the other is covering reception. **** THESE WILL BE INCREASED IF THE DEMAND IS THERE*** please keep viewing the website for updates.

These appointments must be pre-booked either online through JANEAPP or by phone. If we have your email address you should have by now been sent a welcome email from our new system JANEAPP. This allows you to log in and register yourself, amend your personal details and also book an appointment.

If you are new to the clinic or if you have not had the email because either you do not have an email address or it is incorrect on the system please ring the clinic and select no.2 to talk to Alex who can find you an appointment or email Alex directly: and she will update your records and get you into the system.

You will be able to view any up and coming appointments for all practitioners and will be able to alter these if you need to.

SOME APPOINTMENTS IN MAY HAVE BEEN ALTERED SLIGHTLY, PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOUR BOOKINGS. We have had to alter some to allow for our staggered social distancing appointments during this time.

If you cannot attend the clinic and really need help and advice we are offering TELEHEALTH appointments. This is where we talk to you through your computer and we can ask you questions, get you to do certain things to assess what is wrong and provide appropriate advice and support.

These are for the AT RISK GROUPS:


Over 70,

Have long term health conditions,

Have a weak immune system,

Have recently returned from abroad (last 2 weeks). 

These can also be booked and paid for online or via Alex – call the clinic and key 2.

The following protective measures have been put in place at the clinic:

  1. Please do not arrive TOO early for your appointment. Appointments have been spaced out to protect YOU! Please notify reception when you have arrived and WAIT IN YOUR CAR. We will ring you when we are ready for you to come in.
  2. Please use the hand sanitiser and sign the consent to be treated form.
  3. Please change into a clinic gown – gentlemen you will need to keep this on throughout the appointment.
  4. Your chiropractor will be masked and gloved for your session and the beds, tables and door handles will be cleaned in-between EVERY PATIENT. 
  5. If you need to use the toilet facilities please wash your hands properly and use a single towel then place it in the laundry basket provided.
  6. Subsequent appointments can be booked at reception and payments can be made by contactless (the contactless limit has been raised to £45). NO CASH PLEASE.

Stock is available to EVERYONE for purchase on these days – please email Alex or call in advance during the opening hours so that we can get your goods ready for immediate collection and payment.

The extended appointments will continue throughout May, maybe into June and beyond – who knows. We will continue to strive to protect you and ourselves as much as possible.


PLEASE NOTE : Appointments with Troy, Ruth, Jenny and Anne are all supsended at the moment – we will notify you by text or phone call if your booked appointment is cancelled. You can view your appointments with them online through JANEAPP the same as the chiropractic ones but you cannot book new ones at the moment – sorry.