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Neck Tension and Chiropractic Care

Neck Tension is one of the most common issues treated in the chiropractic office and it’s no mystery why. 

When we look down for prolonged periods of time, we disrupt the natural position of the neck. Our neck is designed to have a nice curve in it so that the weight of the head can be supported by the entire spine.

By looking down too often, all of the weight and pressure of the head is put on the neck and upper back. As the average human head weighs 5kg, that is a heavy load! This causes our neck to actually change shape – becoming straighter rather than curved.

When muscles get tight and irritated, the joints become stuck, the ligaments are overstretched and, worst of all, this causes interference in the spinal cord. If you spend several hours a day looking down at your phone or computer, chiropractic care would be extremely beneficial to you.

Since the neck supports the entire head and cervical spine, it is important to treat neck tension properly. The neck most commonly experiences stress and tension leading to pain. Neck pain may involve muscle spasms and strain. The presence of problems on the muscles and bone at the neck can cause limitation of motion of the neck joint. Most commonly, people complain of stiff necks.

If you experience any neck pain ask your chiropractor how to reverse the effects of neck tension.