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RED January

Beat the post Christmas Blues and join Sophie in RED January!

Usually we post challenges in the clinic for you all but we want you to know that we are always setting ourselves new challenges too. This year Sophie is taking on RED January and for those that have no idea what that is; RED stands for Run Every Day… It is organised by the mental health charity MIND and is free to take part in, but donations are welcomed from participants.

The aim of the challenge is to be more active every day in order to improve your mental health; Sophie would NOT recommend running every day if you are new to running but it can be a walk, exercise class, swim, bike ride –absolutely anything active!

Why not try joining Sophie in being more active each day during January and don’t forget to ask her how she’s getting on –I’m sure she’ll appreciate some encouragement, Sophie has set herself a minimum of 2Km (just over a mile) each day and she’s hoping it’s not too icy underfoot this month.

Why January?

  • Expensive Christmas? RED is free to take part
  • RED provides a goal and focus to help you through a characteristically tough month
  • People can feel isolated and pressured to achieve New Year’s resolutions. RED is a no pressure movement fuelled by community spirit.
  • RED empowers, educates and supports people to start the year as they mean to go on, forming healthy habits to continue beyond January.

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