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  • The 21st century ailment: ‘Text Neck’

    It is estimated that around 94% of adults in Europe & the US own a mobile phone. This means that 94% of the population are at risk of ‘text neck’.…

  • Avoid the one shoulder bag

    Heavy, one shoulder bags are among some of the most popular types of bags to wear, but they actually come with many health risks. Holding the wrong bag can negatively…

  • Better Energy

    Many people feel tired or run-down at some point during the day. A lack of energy could affect your daily activities and make you less productive. The type and quantity…

  • Sleeping with Lower Back Pain

    Millions of people throughout the world deal with negative effects of lower back pain which can come about for a multitude of reasons including exercise, work, chronic illnesses, bad posture,…

  • Pillows For Sound Sleep

    Today’s modern living which often entails hours of driving and hunching over work stations plays havoc with your neck. Neck pain can be felt in a large number of ways,…

  • Mattress Matters

    Could your mattress be the cause for your back pain? It’s time for a change! While buying a new mattress can be a costly investment, it is important to take…

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Patient testimonials

  • As an ageing social cricketer, Alex has kept me going long after my body said stop. I achieved my first "100" at the age of 55, long after I had intended to stop playing.

    Dennis Wright,

  • Rob provides wholly professional, caring and attentive care. His treatment is effective, inspires trust and confidence and keeps me pain-free and active. Our whole family attend the practice and regularly recommend it to family and friends. Excellent care with helpful and friendly staff.

    L G,

  • I have seen Alex Newton for chiropractic treatment for over 5 years and have found it very beneficial for my health, managing back pain and, at the beginning through reviewing my X-ray and MRI scan, arriving at a diagnosis of an underlying issue. I'd recommend friends and family research chiropractic and Beeston Chiropractic Clinic if they've had a long term back issue. Alex has also communicated with my employers to facilitate reasonable adjustments that have made a positive impact on my working environment and comfort.


  • I have been seeing Alex Newton for several years. I always find her to be very understanding and friendly. After treatment, I come away feeling brand new, especially when my back has been out of place. I always say it's money well spent. It is also reasssuring when I have a problem, that I can ring and speak to Alex personally. I do and have recommended her to friends and family and they too are well pleased.

    Sue Lacey,

  • Beeston Chiropractic Clinic has provided excellent medical care for my neck and back. Alex Newton was recommended to me following a neck injury, which was remedied within two sessions. Continuing maintenance has proved to be a real benefit. I cannot recommend the clinic enough and cannot imagine life without chiropractic care.

    C Z,