Your First Visit

What is Chiropractic? | Your first Visit | Glossary

First visit

During your first visit, which lasts approx one hour, you will be initially asked to discuss your problem with the Chiropractor. You will then be asked a lot of detailed questions about your health and past medical history. This is extremely important, so make a list of any operations or illnesses you have had and medication that you take. Based on this information the Chiropractor can make the correct diagnosis and administer safe treatment.
After the consultation you will be asked to undress to your underwear and put a gown on. Gentlemen may prefer to wear loose fitting shorts.

The area of complaint will then be examined, it is often necessary to examine the whole spine as this is often where symptoms originate and the principal area of Chiropractic treatment.

After the examination your Chiropractor will discuss the findings using models to help you understand what is happening.

Sometimes it is necessary to take X-rays at this stage. These are performed on the premises and results are obtained very quickly.

If you have had X-rays taken they will need to be discussed with you before treatment commences. This might happen at your next visit. If you have had X-rays taken and have them at home please bring them with you to the first visit. If you have had X-rays taken at a hospital or another clinic the Chiropractor will sometimes request these for you.

After a diagnosis has been made the Chiropractor will discuss with you what will be involved with your treatment and a suitable treatment programme which will be reviewed periodically.

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