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Avoid Sitting Down for Excessive Periods

Sitting is one of the worst positions for the lower back. The amount of pressure put on discs when sitting is double compared to when we are standing. The lower back is negatively affected and this can cause recurrent pain.

Without doing any wrong movements or direct injuries, the back can be hurt by long term sitting. It will definitely have an impact on your nervous system, which is your body’s communication tool. If your nerves don’t communicate properly it can impact your overall health.

An evaluation by a chiropractor is important to make sure that any misalignments in your nerve system are treated before they start to negatively affect your overall health.  Standing is the best counter reaction to sitting. This is why standing desks are becoming more and more popular. 

You should move and stand up for a minimum of 5 minutes every hour that you sit. Use your lunch break to go for a walk or just stand for a while.

We may think we are too tired to stand but in fact our body gets more tired the more we sit. Try to reduce your sitting period by an hour daily and your body will notice the difference.