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Balance is important throughout life and in our more elderly population poor balance can lead to falls which increase the risk of breaking a hip and losing mobility/independence as a result.

Please make sure you attempt the challenge in a safe environment!

Ø  Firstly stand on one leg.

How good are you? Are your arms moving to keep your balance? Does staring at one spot help?

Ø  Next try standing on the other leg.

How does it compare? Is one side easier than the other?

For each of the next progressions try it first standing on one leg and then compare it to standing on the other leg. Only progress this challenge when you can do the previous step comfortably.

Ø  Try closing your eyes.

Ø  Try turning your head left and right (eyes open).

Ø  Try turning your head with your eyes closed.

Ø  Try standing on one leg with something small under your big toe (a stone/pencil/etc)

Ø  Try standing on one leg with a cushion under the entire foot.

Ø  Try all the above holding your right arm out, then try again with the left arm.

Your eyes, ears, neck, ankle and big toe are all key contributors to your balance. If you are having issues with these challenges chat to the chiropractor –they will see what they can do to help.