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Chiropractic Awareness Week Final Thoughts…

Phew! It’s been a long week but hopefully all our advice has made a difference and you’re feeling pain-free and zen!

We’ve given you a lot to take in over the last 7 days so here’s a quick run down of our top tips…

  1. Set a reminder to get you up and moving! this is the quickest and fastest-working option. Set a countdown timer on your phone, pop up email alert, sticky note on your screen, whatever it takes to get you up and out that chair!
  2. Use your settings and apps – again, why fight technology when it has built-in settings that make your life easier! Do not disturb, airplane mode, yellow filters; they all take minutes to set up and you will feel the benefits within a few days!
  3. Stretching is good for the soul – whatever your tech habits, stretches will benefit you! Work out a 5 minute routine that can be done anywhere, and your neck, back and shoulders will thank you for it. (For a personalised routine ask us next time you’re in the clinic!)
  4. Ensure your work desk is set up correctly. Run through your check list – eyes, neck, shoulders, wrists, legs. Everything in align? Good, now that working day will not be such a pain in the neck!
  5. Remind yourself it is just a phone! Mindfulness sounds like hippy rhetoric, but it’s very important to de-clutter and de-stress your mind, as a calmer mind means less tension in your body, which should mean fewer aches and pains. Remember that just because a piece of electronics is telling you to check it, it can probably wait!


We hope you’ve found our suggestions useful, and if you have any of your own handy tips then let us know on Facebook. Hopefully you’ll have liked and shared our videos from the week, so check back on the 19th April to see if you’re one of our lucky winners….

Remember, if in doubt just put the tech down!

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