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Chiropractic Awareness Week: Get Your Desk In Order!

Chiropractic Awareness Week – Get Your Desk In Order!


No no no! What a waste of an ergonomic chair…


Whether you’re working or relaxing, your computer is probably involved. Desk jobs are more common than ever, and even working from home, your PC is a hub of activity and is probably switched on from dawn til dusk. But because you use it all the time it needs to be set up correctly to avoid tech neck, stiff wrists, sore shoulders, the list of ailments goes on!

So we’re here to show you the correct way to set up your computer:

  1. Eyes level with top of the screen, and monitor about an arm’s length away – raise your monitor up if necessary
  2. Wrists in-line with the desk in a neutral position to avoid strain
  3. Back in a neutral position, lumbar support if needed
  4. Feet flat on the floor (if you’re vertically-challenged you may want a footrest) with hips at a slight incline

Use these two diagrams to help you set your station up correctly.


And remember, if you work in an office it is the law that your employer takes health and safety seriously, and should accommodate your needs to minimise risks. If in doubt, have a chat with your manager, and discuss your specific needs with us when you’re next in the clinic.

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