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Chiropractic Awareness Week: Taking It Easy!

2017 is very much the age of technology, where computers rule the work-place and mobiles rule everywhere else! Did you know your mobile phone is more powerful than the computers used to get Neil Armstrong to the moon? It’s madness we live in such an exciting time for technology! However with all of this knowledge and tech at our finger tips, it’s easy to get absorbed and forget about the impact that this tech is having on our body and minds.

So we’re going to ease you in to your new tech-savvy life, because we know it’s not possible to simply stop using tech outright! Today we have some simple tips on how to health-proof your mobile phone, and challenge you to go the night screen-free!

The easiest thing you can do with your phone is set a timer to remind you to get up and stretch. We recommend for every 30 minutes spent looking at your phone, you should have a quick stretch break. The best stretches are shown in Alex’s video on Facebook, click here to see them and have a practice!

The next step would be to not use your phone when going to sleep. Have your alarm set by all means but don’t keep your phone within arm’s reach, as this raises the urge to check for updates which realistically, can probably wait until morning. Put it on the other side of the room – not only does this mean an uninterrupted night’s sleep, but it also means you are forced to get up and out of bed to turn off the alarm instead of hitting the snooze button 1 (or 8) times, which means a better start to the morning.


The best top tip for mobiles is the do not disturb setting! This is a great option as it stops the constant buzzing and updates from your phone which can distract, overwhelm and clutter the mind, and draw us back in to bad posture habits. Imagine if it was a person interrupting you every time rather than your phone; would you still put up with the interruptions?

Most phones have a do not disturb setting, either in a shortcut menu or in your settings folder. You can customise your settings so that it turns on & off automatically at a time set by you. Do Not Disturb also allows alarms through, and you can normally customise to allow certain contacts callers to come through too. Airplane mode is also an option that stops disturbances coming through.

Don’t forget to head over to our facebook for videos everyday this week, and for your chance to win!

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