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Chiropractic Awareness Week



Chiropractic Awareness Week is between 10th and 16th April, and this year’s focus is to ‘give your back a break from your tech’. New research from the British Chiropractic Association has revealed computers are the top back pain trigger in the East Midlands, with over a third of those surveyed having experienced back/neck pain after using their laptop or computer. Yet despite these issues, under 20% of people asked have limited or stopped their tech usage!

Whilst the advice appears to be for office workers, please remember that more and more of us are using technology at home and on the go -whether it is computer gaming or reading the ‘newspaper’ on a tablet or smart phone! And not only does being on your tech for too long cause issues to your physical health, it can also affect your mental health. Having a phone that constantly bleeps and begs for your attention with updates, can become distracting and overwhelming. Just take a moment to think how long you spend on technology a day, and compare that to how long you spend not using that technology. Like most of us it’s probably going to be longer on the tech than off!

Here at BCC we are committed to changing this. We will be posting daily videos from the 10th April  on our Facebook (yes we are aware of the irony, but how else will we get everyone’s attention?), with hints and tips to help you become tech-savvy. And make sure to look out for our Chiropractic Awareness Week Competition on Facebook too – there WILL be prizes won!