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Hydrotherapy is the use of exercise in a heated pool to treat a variety of conditions. At David Ross Sports Village the state-of-the-art Hydropool is heated to between 33 and 38˚C, allowing your body to relax, encouraging pain relief, better circulation and improved flexibility.  

Used by some of the top athletes in the country, hydrotherapy supports the recovery process following training and competitive fixtures. The brand new facilities are ideal for athletes and performance sports teams to meet the demands of modern sport. Aside from sports rehab and recovery, studies also show that hydrotherapy benefits patients rehabilitating from strokes, traumas, and other injuries as well as connective tissue diseases and asthma. 

We have had a number of patients use the pool and we are wondering about organising a regular group session for clinic patients, if this is something that might interest you please can you leave your contact details and a preferred day/time with reception.

(No Chiropractors were harmed in the taking of the photograph!)