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May Challenge – Rapid reactions!

This month we are going to test those lightening reaction skills! The faster you react to your environment, the less chance you have of injuring yourself. And it’s a nice fun one to check with the family! So to find out who’s the fastest…


What you need: Yourself, a partner, some space, and a 30cm ruler



  1. Your partner holds the ruler in the air and you have your fingers in the ‘ready to grip’ position however fingers and thumb must be open (approx. 5cm is suggested). The fingers are placed at the lowest part of the ruler (at 0cm).
  2. Once set up, within the next 5-10 seconds the partner will drop the ruler.
  3. Catch the ruler as quickly as you can!
  4. The lower down the ruler you catch (use the thumb pad to measure) the faster your reaction speed!