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Minimising Back Pain at Work

Back pain while working is a constant topic of discussion, especially now that many of us are mixing working from home and the office. The majority of people work at a desk or table for long hours, which can put increased pressure on the structures of your spine – the vertebrae, discs, joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons. Although it is virtually impossible to avoid sitting, there are things you can do during the day to minimise back pain.

Not only choosing an appropriate chair, but ensuring it is set up correctly is an essential start your working day. So, spend a few minutes ensuring the chair height is adjusted and the seat tilts. Ideally the chair should have armrests they should be adjustable to the correct height. Choosing a chair with the right amount of lumbar support is crucial as well.

A proper sitting position should place your thighs sloping to the floor, creating a downward sloping line from your hips to your knees.  Your feet should rest comfortably on the floor.  If they don’t, a foot rest might be appropriate – but make sure your knees are still lower than your hips.

Sitting on an exercise ball or an air cushion -Sit Fit (ask in clinic for a try out), this also engages muscles in your body that would ordinarily be relaxed when sitting in a regular chair.  Sitting on a ball or Sit Fit cushion also makes it more difficult to slouch since you need to be somewhat active in order to balance

Stretching once an hour is also very helpful in minimising back pain. Even if you are maintaining good sitting posture, taking regular breaks from sitting is important to prevent back pain. Even just standing up and sitting down again can rest your posture – set a timer to remind you.

Check out the video on the website or ask you chiropractor for more help and advice. Public Videos – Beeston Chiropractic Clinic