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November Challenge

On average if you sleep for 8 hours a night then that’s a third of your life spent with your pillow – so it makes sense to make sure it’s right!


  1. Do you sleep on your front? If yes – please speak to your Chiropractor as this is an issue which may contribute to many problems.
  2. Do you sleep on your side? Well done, probably the best sleeping position for your spine for most people. Lying on your side your pillow(s) should give enough support so you nose is in line with your chest bone. Too many pillows and your neck will tilt up, too few and it will lean down. Get a partner to check if your
  3. Sleeping on your back then? Too many pillows here and your neck will get stretched towards your chin, and again too few and it might not be supported enough.

For more information speak to your Chiropractor and try out one of our neck pillows. Terms and conditions apply.