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Posture Tips to Straighten Your Back Naturally

Correcting poor posture habits is essential to spine health.  To avoid long-term health issues, it is best to start to develop good habits. 

Your sleeping posture is more important than you may think. If you sleep on your side, place a flat pillow between your legs and knees to help keep your spine straight and aligned. 

Always use a supportive pillow under your head to properly align and support your shoulders and skull. Sleeping on your side or back is almost always better than sleeping on your stomach.

Driving posture is also very important. Move your seat up so that you can depress both foot pedals all the way to the ground with your knees remaining bent. Your back should remain against the seat. Recline the back of the seat very little, by only about 5 degrees.

If there is a height adjustment, raise the seat so that your hips align with your knees. If an adjustment isn’t available, consider buying a cushion. Your head should never reach the ceiling and cause you to slouch. The top of your headrest should match the top of your skull. If possible, tilt the headrest forward so that it’s no more than 4 inches from your head.

When it comes to standing posture, stand with your heels, hips, and shoulders aligned. Do not shrug your shoulders forward, roll them back slightly and allow your arms to naturally hang at your sides. Make sure you keep your feet shoulder-width apart.

These are all ways you can straighten your back naturally. Give them a try and see if you notice a difference.

Ask your chiropractor to learn more about posture tips.