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September Challenge! How tight are your hamstrings (and does it matter anyway?)

Every week we will hear at least one person tell us that they have tight hamstrings because they are unfit! And sure, if you need to perform a particular yoga stretch or are a ballet dancer than you do need flexible hamstrings, but for most of us research shows tightness in the hamstrings doesn’t have an effect on lower back pain. A tighter hamstring on one leg only, will do though!

Test your own, or your families hamstring lengths to see if you need to stretch them to make them equal!

1. Lie on your back and lift up one leg at a time (perfectly straight!) until it goes as high as it can.
2. Look at how high it is by focusing on where your big toe is on the background in front of you (or on the ceiling if you have flexible hamstrings!)
3. Or get a family member to look from the side
4. Repeat on the other leg
If they are both the same, they are either both loose, or both tight, either way symmetry is the best! If one is tighter than the other that is the one to stretch out. Ask your Chiropractor how you should be stretching safely, or if anyone in your family has a problem you can call our clinic to see a Chiropractor to find out why one was tighter in the first place.