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Sore Shoulder

Over the counter medication may work as short-term relief for shoulder pain.  However, for long term improvement, consulting a chiropractor is a very effective solution. Chiropractors identify the cause of pain by addressing all the joints, cartilages, connective tissues and nervous system in the area of the pain.

Shoulders are directly connected to the neck and spine, so experiencing pain here can be due to a misalignment in the spine or an injury. Serious injuries to the shoulder could lead to dislocations or stress on the spine and nerves.

One of the treatments for a sore shoulder is to rehabilitate the functions of the body that are restricted. Since the central nervous system is responsible for co-ordinating everything within the body, shoulder pains can often be treated using chiropractic adjustments.

Much modern day shoulder pain has been shown to be the result of bad seated posture.

If you experience long term chronic pain in your shoulder, it is advised to have your posture assessed. Chiropractors can give you advice on how to live comfortably without putting unnecessary pressure on your spine. It can often take just minor adjustments to your posture to make a big difference to your shoulder pain.