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Take Care of Your Spine

Spinal and muscle health is a crucial part of overall health, and if not trained or kept mobile, can deteriorate quickly and lead to injuries. Daily walks, stretching and aerobic exercises are just some of the activities that keep the spine and body healthy and aligned.

Strengthening exercises should be performed regularly, starting with slow stretches followed by targeted muscle exercises. This regular practice will help avoid back pain or injuries.

Back strengthening exercises can be divided into three groups:

  • Power: repetitive muscle contractions to a state of fatigue
  • Stretching: slow static stretching of the muscles
  • Aerobic: exercises that involve large muscle groups

Start by training your posture and the entire body will benefits from the simple readjustment. Crucial to those who sit or stand all day, readjusting the posture removes pressure from the pelvis and hip muscles, which become strained when maintaining one single position. Stretching becomes essential in regaining mobility and releasing muscle tension, elongating various muscles groups and strengthening the spine.

All exercises should be performed slowly, without discomfort, to avoid injury. When performing strengthening exercises and stretching, do not forget to exhale at the moment of tension and inhale while relaxing.

You do not need to wait for discomfort and pain to manifest in your spine, it’s beneficial to regularly perform exercises to strengthen the spine and prevent any issues:

  • Constantly monitor your posture
  • Do sports, remember that the body is not adapted for sitting, but created for movement
  • Choose the right chair and sit with a straight back
  • Avoid carrying heavy objects

Remember that a healthy back is the key to healthy body.